02 Apr
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Desperate parents (like me) with kids who speak or understand English may have stuck them in front of one of Joe Wicks’ (

13 Mar
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What do people do when suddenly confined at home because of unforeseen events? An outbreak of bubonic plague in 1665 led Isaac Newton to go…

12 Mar
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EuroPCom session report – Power and perils of narrativesI was invited to be on a panel about…

10 Jan
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“I think that first engagement was out of anger, honestly. There was this egoistic element, this wish to clarify things. But then it was…

03 Oct
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Last week, a  few tweets (some of them angry)  got me thinking about how important it…

25 Sep
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I recently coached one of the most effective lobbyists I’ve ever encountered. Or at least, I presume he’s effective, given the sophistication of his…