Good communication starts with strong messages. Our bespoke messaging workshops support organisations that need to talk about themselves, their products, or their issues in a clear, credible and concrete way. It’s also extremely useful for building group agreement among staff who need to communicate professionally inside and outside the office.

We use the sophisticated Message House Formula to equip native and non-native English speaking clients with the techniques to develop clear messages they are confident about delivering. Depending on the group size, it is usually a four to seven-hour session.

Red Thread Training

Red Thread courses take the Message House technique to the next level. The training is designed to help clients who need to communicate messages in a variety of ways such as panel discussions, web articles or on different social media platforms. Workshops are tailored and participants develop and adapt their ‘red thread’ throughout the session.



More and more people are expected to speak in public as part of their job. But even the best prepared presenters won’t make a good impression on their audience if their delivery is weak.

Although skill levels vary,  on camera practice and coaching usuallly benefits everyone. Our Presentation Training caters to EU Commissioners or CEOS wanting to work on their ‘town hall’ style as well as junior policy officers and sales people looking to polish up their panel talks or PowerPoints.


Professional Media Training is essential if your organisation is facing a big media campaign or crisis which requires your spokespeople to talk to journalists.  Former journalists are best placed to understand the mindset and needs of journalists and will equip your teams with the techniques for handling everything from background briefings to aggressive broadcast interviews.

Red Thread provides advanced Media Training Courses and Workshops using a combination of theory, examples and practical interview simulation that embeds learning and supports future development.





05 Feb
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14 Jan
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