Message Training

Online & in person

Want to make an impact? Then you need sticky messages.

Messages are the building blocks of good communication. But it’s hard to make good ones that your audience will pay attention to, let alone be persuaded by. If you fail, you can forget about being making an impact when you speak in public, do a media interview or even write a position paper.

Stories that resonate

My Message Training will teach you the key principles of messages that resonate and persuade. In my highly practical session, you will learn the key principles of strong messaging, how to frame, structure and sequence your argument, as well as illustrate them with evidence and stories that resonate with your target audience.

Tailored to your needs

We start with an interactive webinar which includes top tips, reviewing examples from other organisations and time for discussion. We then go into a practical workshop, tailored to your needs, in which we work through your existing messages or help create new ones together. You will get advice that is constructive, honest and practical. Message Training is offered to teams and individuals. Sessions can be done by Zoom or face to face (when offices open up).

Media Training

Online & in person

Do you need to talk to journalists? Then you better know how they think.

Talking to journalists has enormous PR value. But what if you get into trouble when you do an interview? What if the journalist teases out information you didn’t want to give? Or twists your words in a way that does damage to the story you have to tell? What a nightmare.

Learn to be in control

My Media Training helps demystify journalists and what they really want from you. During my interactive sessions you will learn how journalists do their jobs, what they need and how you can help them get the story they want while being comfortable and totally in control.

Practice, practice, practice

In my sessions you will not only learn tips and tricks, but you will also practice on camera, work through messaging and practice interviews. I will train you for press, web, TV, radio and Zoom interviews – whatever your needs, I find the fit that works for you. Media Training is offered to teams and individuals. Sessions can be done online or (when offices up open up) face to face.

Public Speaking

Online & in person

Is public speaking part of your work? Then you need to be confident and compelling.

If you’re like everyone else, it’s highly likely you’ll do some kind of public speaking during your career. But how to make sure your message gets heard? And the audience focuses on the content of your presentation without being distracted by your fidgety hands or jargony wording?

Feedback and coaching

I help you workshop PowerPoints, pitches and panel talks. In my training, I break down presentation structure and teach you how to illustrate your ideas. As an external observer, I give feedback on your body language and delivery and coach you to master your stage presence.

Handle unruly audiences

If you need to moderate or chair an event I also help you learn how to manage time, set expectations and, most importantly – handle questions and grandstanding from unruly audience or panel members in a way that is firm, polite and fair. Public Speaking is offered to teams and individuals. We can do sessions face to face or online.