Sustainability Policy

Before the pandemic I would never have dreamed of running trainings on Zoom or Teams. Yet, like everyone else I got a pleasant shock about how much high-quality work you can get done online and how much trainees improve.

This led me to think about how I want to run my business once we emerged to relative normality. Even before Covid, I had been experiencing nagging guilt about my carbon footprint every time I caught a flight for work. Yet, I kept flying because I was lucky enough to have a lot of international clients and because I thought it wasn’t possible to run a decent training on Zoom.

Now that I know it is, I am trying a new approach to business travel.  If I don’t need to go on a plane to get to you then I won’t. However, if a plane is the only option, then I will ask if we can have a chat about whether this is something we really need to do, or if there are alternative ways to run the training.

This new policy is a work in progress. I’m not saying no more flying for work ever. But I will be asking new and existing clients, many of whom are also worried about climate change, to work with me to limit our impact on the planet.